Battery Storage

Store Your Power & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Your Battery Storage
Store Your Power & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Your Battery Storage

Battery storage is a viable option for South Australians with solar panels who want to minimise their power bills and be less reliant on the grid while reducing their carbon footprint. There is also a government incentive you can take advantage of now and save. Visit Energy Incentives for more.

Battery storage is great for energy security. The peace of mind from knowing that you will still have the essential backup circuits no matter what happens to the grid can be priceless for some. Batteries also provide a form of insurance against the risk of electricity prices going up and feed-in-tariffs going down.

At Alkira Energy we will work with you to assess your storage needs. Our extensive knowledge and proven experience will guarantee you achieve a tailored energy solution to ensure the best return on investment. 

We source and install industry proven products from trusted product partners to ensure your system is built to the highest quality and standards.

If you are looking at buying now and paying later, we can also provide Green Loan options from reputable and regulated finance providers.

Alkira: An Aboriginal word for ‘bright and sunny’.
  For many it has come to mean ‘a happy place in the sun’.
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